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Emojo Caddy Pro Vs Caddy: Whats the difference?

Emojo Caddy Pro Vs Caddy: Whats the difference?

When searching for an electric tricycle, there is a good chance you come across the Emojo brand, but the question we always get is “what’s the difference between the Caddy Pro vs the Caddy?” The Emojo Caddy Pro has a few distinct advantages that we will talk about but as always, it comes down to personal preference. The Caddy Pro is actually America’s best-selling electric tricycle right now, but both are quality tricycle’s! Read along to learn everything you need to know about these two tricycles.

What’s the difference between the Emojo Caddy Pro vs the Caddy?

Caddy vs Caddy Pro Comparison Chart

1. Front Suspension

One big advantage the Caddy Pro has is adjustable front suspension. The two forks on the front help the tricycle absorb any bumps to give you a more comfortable ride. The front suspension can really help if you are riding on rough terrain by taking all of the bumps so that you don't have to. The Caddy has no front suspension and therefore will feel like a rougher ride. This may seem like a small feature but having front suspension can make it feel like a completely different ride.

Caddy Pro Vs Caddy Front Suspension

2. Back Rest

The Emojo Caddy Pro also has a comfortable oversized seat with a back rest. This feature makes it perfect for long rides and provides a more stable and comfortable ride. If you generally don’t feel safe sitting on a bike, the back rest can help make you feel more secure and comfortable. You can also adjust the back rest to fit any shape and size. The Caddy just has a regular bike seat with no back rest.

Caddy Pro vs Caddy seat

3. Cost

The one thing that the Caddy has over the Caddy Pro is the price. At the time of writing this article the Caddy Pro is currently selling for $2899 and the Caddy is selling for $2699. If the price is a main concern for you then maybe the Caddy Pro isn’t worth the extra $200. That being said, in my opinion the additional components are worth the extra money. Front suspension is generally an expensive add on itself, but most people feel it is worth it for the comfort and stability. The adjustable back rest can also be a game changer for some people who don’t feel as secure on most bikes. That being said, if these two components don’t make a massive difference for what you are looking for than maybe the Caddy is the right pick for you.

Emojo Caddy Pro

View Emojo Caddy Pro

Emojo Caddy

View Emojo Caddy

What do both electric tricycles have?

A powerful motor and battery

Both tricycles have a 500W DC brushless front hub motor perfect for carrying all of your cargo and going up hills. They also come with 48V 15.6Ah lithium-ion batteries that are capable of going up to 35 miles on a single charge.

3 different methods of riding

  • Pedal Only - Ride it like a conventional bike with no help from the motor and get a good workout.
  • Pedal Assist - Pedal and get a boost from the electric motor choosing from the different levels of pedal assist.
  • Throttle Only - Use the thumb throttle and enjoy a fun and effortless ride.

Emojo Caddy Pro Blue Shirt

Comfortable Fat Tires

Both the Caddy Pro and Caddy also comes with a fat 24” x 4” front tire and 20” x 4” back tires. These tires help absorb bumps and allow the tricycle to be ridden in different terrain. All three tires also have mini fenders that help block any debris flying up.

Spacious storage space

Both Tricycles come standard with a front and rear basket. The baskets make it the perfect tricycle for running errands and carrying cargo. They come with holes in the baskets, but Emojo also sells a cargo box that will make it into a solid box so that you can put other smaller things in. Some people will even bring their pet on the ride with them! These spacious storage areas make the tricycles extremely versatile and will make you want to start riding to the grocery store instead of driving.

Cargo Box

Quality front and rear disc brakes

Both tricycles come with three hydraulic Tektro disc brakes with motor inhibitors that cut the power from the motor as soon as you hit the brakes. It is really important to have good brakes on a tricycle like this and Emojo understands that. They have quality Tetro disc brakes on the both the front and rear to make sure you are always safe.

7 gear shifter

Both tricycles come standard with a 7-speed transmission that lets you change the gears to handle hills and go over steep inclines with ease. Having gears allows you to pedal a lot easier on the steep inclines and keep a consistent level of effort throughout your ride.

Battery integrated front and rear lights

They have front and rear lights that provide good visibility for riding at night. They are also a great safety feature by ensuring that everyone can see where you are when riding. They are also just a cool feature that can add an interesting look to your tricycle while riding a night.

About Emojo

Emojo Brand

Emojo is a quality electric bike company that is based out of Irvine, California. They pride themselves in making high quality electric bikes that are built to last! The Emojo Caddy Pro is their best-selling bike and there is no signs of it slowing down. They have a great customer support team that will provide assistance with any issues and all Emojo products come standard with a 1 year warranty against any product defects.

Emojo Caddy Pro
View Emojo Caddy Pro
Emojo Caddy
View Emojo Caddy
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You can check out this video to help with assembly:

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Kathy Maines - April 30, 2022

I just purchased 2 of the Emojo Caddy Pro from you and am awaiting delivery confirmation I would like to know if you have a video on how to assemble the bikes and if so can you please send it to my email.
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