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Gift Guide: Ebikes and Accessories

Gift Guide: Ebikes and Accessories

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Spare them the socks and gift card this time! Gift them fun, freedom, and good health!

Yes, you read that right! You can wrap up good health as a gift, its an electric bike! Who wouldn’t want to own an electric bike? It is one of the best gifts for anyone to unwrap!

Gift Guide for Different Styles of Riders

The best thing is that there’s an ebike on the market for everyone! Whatever their riding styles or needs. No matter what shape or size the person is, we can help them find the perfect ride!

Adventurous riders

For the adventurous cyclist in your life, check out an electric mountain bike. There are many different styles, the main two upgrades to look out for in this category is fat tires and full-suspension electric mountain bikes. Our top electric mountain bike is the Emojo Wildcat Pro. No matter what you get, they will be able to go farther, go faster, and explore more places on an electric mountain bike. It’s freedom and double the fun on two wheels!

Trail Riding


For the college student or the commuter, look into folding electric bikes. Portable folding commuter ebikes are perfect for daily rides around the city. With quick folding designs and lightweight features, folding ebikes are super easy to transport and store. Our favourite folding electric bike is the Emojo Ram SS.

Cruiser/Joy rider

For the family member or friend who appreciates comfort, style; and loves to cruise around town or at the beach, check out a beach cruiser ebike. If you are looking for power and style we definetly recommend the Revi Cheetah Cafe Race electric bike.

Electric Beach Cruiser

Someone who needs help with errands and deliveries

For the family member or friend looking for fun and functionality. Maybe they like to ride places to go run some errands? Look into ebikes that can hold cargo. These electric bikes are ideal for high utility errands, deliveries, and family outings. Our top cargo bike we would recommend is the Eunorau Max Cargo electric bike.

Someone who want accessibility

For your grandparents who need some additional help getting outside. Check out step-through electric bikes or electric tricycles. These ebike models will provide them with the easy access, comfort, and stability that they need on their rides. More importantly, these ebikes will help them stay active and fit! Our favourite step through electric bike is the Emojo Panther and our favourite electric tricycle is the Emojo Caddy Pro.

Electric Bike Accessories

What if they already own an ebike? Don’t worry, you can still provide an awesome gift! We have listed some electric bike accessories that don't break your wallet. Your family member or close friends would appreciate practical gifts that can great improve their electric bike riding experience!

Electric Bike Surfboard


Gift them protection by wrapping up a helmet! There are many designs to choose from but consider quality, comfort, style, and storage when shopping. You can get them with integrated lights for added safety, too.

Lights and reflectors

Wrap up safety with lights and reflectors so that they can see their paths at night and others can see them. Gift them with rechargeable ebike light models with long-lasting batteries.


Help your family or friends protect their ebike investment with a sturdy and thief-resistant lock. Nowadays they make very heavy duty locks that are perfect for keeping such a big investment safe!

Multi-tool kit

Get them ready for anything on their rides with a multi-tool kit! A multi-tool kit that has everything from spoke wrenches, hex wrenches, chain tools, screwdrivers, and open wrenches to help keep them ready for anything!

Water bottle

Help them stay hydrated with a water bottle and a bottle cage that can be easily attached to the ebike! An insulated water bottle is a perfect gift as it keeps the drink cold on a hot day and helps them avoid heat stroke on long rides.

Cycling clothes

Gift your loved ones or friends with the most comfortable experience while they’re out riding. Cycling-specific clothes provide comfort and a better riding experience. You can choose from clothing choices for commuting, city cycling, or trail riding. Select quality padded cycling shorts or pants. Add cycling gloves and cycling-specific glasses, too to get them the whole set up!

A saddlebag

A saddlebag a great gifting option. Your family or friend can carry accessories and essentials with them on their rides. This is perfect for the friend that likes to bring things on their rides.

Rear Pannier for Revi Cheetah

Suspension seat post

Gift them extra comfort on their bike rides! A suspension seat helps reduce discomfort and smooth out bike rides.

A second battery

Wrap up extra security with a spare battery! A second battery gives your loved ones the capability to ride farther. It gets them covered when they've exceeded their riding range or forgot to charge their battery.

We hope our list has given you some cycling gift ideas. If you’re interested in gifting ebikes, check our electric bike collection, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. The perfect ebike gifts and accessories are a click away.

Like every year, holidays are approaching faster than you think and choosing the perfect gift can be a challenge. Give the best gift this holiday. but be careful, you might want to keep it for yourself.

Why buy an ebike as a gift?

Save money!

Spend less at the pumps and spend less on vehicle maintenance costs. This investment will literally pay for itself!

No more sweaty commutes

Electric bikes solve this problem as they use battery-powered pedal assist to take the strain and boost your pedal power. Say goodbye to sweaty bike journeys and sore thighs - and simply enjoy your ride!

An easy way to get fitter and healthier

Electric bikes provide an easy way to get outside! You can still keep them at a low level of assist and get a really good burn in! For the person that wouldn’t otherwise go for a bike these are an easy way to encourage them! Investing in an electric bike is a very effective, low impact and fun way to boost physical fitness.

Yoga photo

You're helping the planet

The health of our planet is something everyone should be considering right now; with climate change and global warming presenting a clear and present danger to our way of life. Electric bikes emit much lower pollution per kilometre than motorcycles and cars. If you have a short commute to work every day, an electric bike is the perfect vehicle to get their in a healthy way! Not only are you generating less pollution than an average petrol or diesel vehicle, you’ll also breathe easier knowing you’re helping improve air quality.

Save on the cost of the commute, promote a healthy lifestyle, and reduce your carbon footprint - all with our superb cycle to work scheme!

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