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Is an Electric Bike a Good Gift?

Is an Electric Bike a Good Gift?

Choosing the right gifts for someone is hard, there are so many different options and you never know what they want. Sometimes they don’t even know what they want! In my opinion there is no better gift than an electric bike!

Here are my top 4 reasons why you should buy an electric bike for a gift

1. You are giving the person the gift of health! (and adventure!)

Riding an ebike is a low-impact exercise that is perfect for any shape or size. Whether they are a very athletic person looking to go that extra mile or someone who is looking for help getting started, there is an electric bike out there for that person! They are great for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It makes riders travel further and explore more of the great outdoors. It’s the perfect gift to help a person get a head start on their new year’s fitness goals!

Girl exercising on electric bike

2. They can use it every day for commutes, errands or just cruises and can fit into all lifestyles

An electric bike is a practical gift of convenience! As they are becoming more and more powerful and the ranges are getting longer, people are starting to use them for transportation. You can avoid traffic and have fun while doing it! Some people use them for getting to work, others use them for relaxing cruisers, and some use them for errands. (If they want them for errands, I recommend getting a basket, or back rack to store anything they need to pick up.)

3. It can save money

Give a gift and an investment at the same time! Sure, electric may seem expensive, but they are a lot cheaper than a car or motorcycle! Riding an electric bike saves money on fuel, maintenance, and insurance. An electric bike costs only a few cents for charging and requires a little maintenance. Overtime it will basically pay for itself on fuel savings!

Money growing tree

4. It helps save the environment!

An electric bike is a zero-emission vehicle. Riding an electric bike helps minimize the impact on the environment and promotes more green energy in the world! By gifting an electric bike, you make the receiver reduce carbon footprint and lessen the impact on the planet. It’s a win-win situation and just overall make the planet better!

List of reasons to buy sooner rather than later!

We recommend getting on it sooner rather than later. We have made a clear list of why you should buy your electric bike early this year!

Rising costs

We’ve felt it for over a year. The prices of goods and services have increased and will continue to rise into the holiday season and the first quarter of 2022. When demand exceeds supply, the price has to increase. Blame it on supply chain disruptions, increasing cost of raw materials, labor shortages, more expensive shipping cost, and shipping delays. These prices are affecting everyone on the supply chain and we are doing everything we can to keep them down. That being said, we expect them to keep going up and up so be a savvy shopper and save yourself some money by shopping as early as possible. To learn more about the prices increasing read this article written by electrek to learn all of the issues.

Port congestions and shipping delays

There are many shipping containers stuck in ports around the world so transporting products by land, sea, or air is slowing down and becoming more expensive. Port congestion and slow movement of cargo causes shipping delays and is affecting product availability.If you want to learn more about this issue check out the cycling industries article to read more.

Port congestion

Free yourself from worrying whether your order will arrive on time or not. Avoid shipping delays and stockouts, and shop before the holidays come! The last thing your electric bike to come after the date.

Limited inventories

High demand, labor shortages, and shipping delays make it difficult for shops to replenish their inventory. These result in limited supply and limited selection.

Shopping early lets you make a precise list of gifts for your family and friends. What do they need? What do they really want? Starting to shop early gives you more time to identify the ideal gifts and make sure you actually get the one you want.

Shopping early gives you more choices and results in a better selection! You'll have more time to shop around and find the perfect gift. Keep in mind that as the holidays approach, there will be less and less stock.

You don’t want to make a mad dash and just pick something because it’s the only one that's available.

In Conclusion

Everyone needs to feel good this year and electric bikes are the perfect gift for that! They provide the use with freedom, health and happiness! It’s the perfect gift for any shape and size and everyone will love it once they ride it! With Christmas just around the corner and many other holidays to follow make sure you get on it early and get the one you are looking for! Save time and make gift-giving a breeze for you. Gift your family, friends, or even yourself with an electric bike!

Need help with what to get?

Our staff is always available and happy to help! We offer free consultations and will walk your through the whole process! If you provide us with the reason for purchase, your budget and how it will be used we can provide you will some expert recommendations that will make sure you find the perfect fit! Visit our contact us page and reach out today and let’s get you the best gift possible!

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