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Pros and Cons of a Fat Tire Ebike

Pros and Cons of a Fat Tire Ebike

What is a fat tire ebike?

A fat tire ebike is a bike with wider tires that provide more surface contact with the ground to improve traction and stability. The fat tire comes in any diameter tire size from 20”, 24”, 26”, and 27.5" and generally have lower tire pressure to be able to ride over rough terrain easier. Fat tire electric bikes come in different styles and are gaining popularity among riders.

Fat tire wheel

Pros of Fat Tire Electric Bikes

  1. All-terrain electric bike

Fat tires provide excellent grip and traction on different surfaces. With a fat tire electric bike, you can ride on concrete, sand, mud, snow, and even the trickiest terrain! They are what you want for adverse terrain.

  1. All-year-round riding

A fat tire electric bike is an all-weather bike because of the functionality of its fat tires. You can ride it every day in all kinds of weather conditions! It opens up the winter to riders that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to ride

  1. Tire Pressure

A fat tire operates at a lower tire pressure between 5 to 30 pounds per square inch (psi) and the lower pressure in the fat tires helps the bike absorb bumps with ease.

The low tire pressure makes the fat tire electric bike the ultimate machine for all rough terrains. It is perfect for pavement, bike trails, snowy suburbs, fields, sandy beaches, rocky roads, muddy paths and unpaved trails.

  1. Easy and comfortable bike rides

The low pressure of the fat tires help absorb shocks and vibrations to make your ride more comfortable. The 4” to 5” wide wheels provide good balance and also make it more stable and easier to ride the bike.

  1. Highly versatile

The fat tire ebike is a fantastic choice for on-road and off-road. You can use it as a reliable daily driver, a commuter, beach cruiser, or an off-road mountain bike! Fat tire electric bikes are also really good for hunting because you can be fast, silent and mobile.

Cons of a Fat Tire Electric Bikes

  1. Weight of the ebike

Fat tire ebikes are heavier compared to other electric bikes. The increased weight and low tire pressure of the fat tire bike makes it slightly challenging to pedal compared to the speed of pedalling a lighter electric bike.

The wheels itself are bigger so it just makes the entire bike heavier. This is especially not ideal for any riders that need to carry their bikes.

  1. They can be a bigger investment

Fat tire electric bikes can be more expensive than other electric bike models because the wheels can be more heavy duty. The bike generally has to be made specifically with fat tires in mind and they are not as common.


With a fat tire electric bike, you can conquer any terrain and ride anywhere, anytime! They may be more heavy but they are defiantly more versatile! If you have more questions about electric bikes visit our electric bike buying guide. Otherwise read below for our top 5 fat tire bikes.

Top 5 fat tire electric bikes

Best looking beach cruiser style - Micargi Cyclone 2.0

Micargi Cyclone fat tire electric bike

Reasons to buy the Micargi Cyclone

Speed: 23MPH

Range: 30+ miles

Max rider weight: 220 lbs

Price: $1,989


  • A deluxe fat tire bike
  • Unique design with high-quality components
  • 500 Watt torque sensor motor
  • High-capacity 48V /11.6Ah batteries
  • Five (5) levels of Pedal Assist for a fun and easy ride
  • Powerful brakes and LED headlight for your safety
  • Low-rise 15” bike frame in durable steel
  • Premium comfort on your rides
  • Quality cruiser-style bike that delivers

Best classic chopper-design fat tire bike - Revi Cheetah

Revi Cheetah fat tire electric bike

Reasons to buy the Revi Cheetah

Speed: 28MPH

Range: 35 - 45 miles

Max rider weight: 300 lbs

Price: $2,799 (17.5Ah)


  • Head-turning appearance with a classic vintage chopper frame
  • 750W Bafang high-speed gear hub motor
  • Long-range 48V/17.5Ah battery pack
  • 5 Levels of Pedal Assist and Twist Throttle
  • Premium comfort in an electric cruiser bike
  • A swept-back handlebar that provides a very upright riding body position
  • Responsive hydraulic Tektro front/rear disc brakes
  • 7-speed Shimano Altus derailleur
  • LED headlight
  • Bigger-size and nice color display
  • Fantastic biking experience at an incredible value

X-Treme's best-selling fat tire electric mountain bike model - X-Treme Rocky Road

X-Treme Rocky Road Fat Tire Electric Bike

Reasons to buy the Xtreme Rocky Road

Speed: 25 MPH

Range: 70+ miles (low PAS, pedal-assist, and on flat terrain)

Max rider weight: 350 lbs

Price: $2,499


  • Great value for a full-suspension fat tire mountain bike
  • 500W Bafang zero resistance rear hub motor
  • High-capacity 48V/ 17Ah integrated Lithium battery
  • 5 Levels of Pedal Assist and Thumb Throttle
  • A durable and lightweight Aluminum Alloy frame
  • Front hydraulic suspension and KS rear shock suspension
  • 9-speed Shimano Altus gears and shifter
  • Front and rear Tektro disc brakes
  • Velo handgrips and mountain bike seat
  • King Meter LCD
  • Snap-on LED headlight

Best value fat tire electric mountain bike - Revi Predator

Revi Predator fat tire electric bike

Reasons to buy the Revi Predator

Speed: 25 MPH

Range: 40+ miles

Max rider weight: 300 lbs

Price: $1,599


  • Best value for a quality fat tire electric mountain bike
  • 500W speed gear motor with 80 Newton Meter of torque
  • 5 - 9 Levels of Pedal Assist and a Twist Throttle
  • Large-capacity 48 Volt /13Ah lithium battery pack
  • A durable 20” high-step frame with a comfortable frame geometry
  • Mozo spring suspension fork
  • Mechanical Tektro disc brakes
  • 7-speed Shimano Altus derailleur
  • Compact Matrix LCD

Ready for anything fat tire electric mountain bike - Emojo Wildcat Pro

Emojo Wildcat 750W Electric Bike

Reasons to buy the Emojo Wildcat 750W

Speed: 20 MPH

Range: 30 miles

Max rider weight: 330 lbs

Price: $1,999 (750W)


  • Great value for a solid and well-built fat tire electric mountain bike
  • 750W DC brushless Bafang motor
  • 48V /10.4Ah Lithium battery
  • A durable Aluminum frame construction
  • Hydraulic disc brakes (750W)
  • 7-speed gearing and shifting system
  • Upgraded LCD (750W)

Closing remarks

There is a fat tire electric bike that suits everyone's needs and styles. If you are searching for one, reach out to us, and we'll help you find the perfect fat tire bike for you! If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

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