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Top 3 Delivery Electric Bikes

Top 3 Delivery Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are becoming popular for delivery services every year and their popularity exploded during the pandemic. Are you thinking of ditching a car and utilizing electric bikes for your business? Here are our top 3 delivery electric bikes along with the 5 top benefits and what you should be looking for in a electric bike.

We’ve rounded up a few different options that make for a great delivery vehicle. Make sure to read through to find the one that suits you best!

Eunorau Max Cargo Electric Bike

Eunorau Max Cargo Electric Bike

The Eunorau Max Cargo Electric Bike is an affordable longtail cargo electric bike with a cargo rack and has optional large and rear baskets. It is great because it has plenty of room for storage. You can leave your package on the front or back and be completely in control while riding.


Motor: 750W

Battery: 48V 11.6Ah Lithium-ion

Speed: 20 mph

Range: 30 miles

Weight: 72 pounds

Maximum weight capacity: 440 lbs

Eunorau G20-Cargo Mid-drive Cargo Electric Bike

Eunorau G20 Cargo Electric Bike

The Eunorau G-20-Cargo Mid-drive cargo electric bike is a quality delivery vehicle that is built for carrying cargo! It has an extra-long back rack perfect for fitting plenty of cargo on the back. It is very similar to the max cargo, but it has a mid-drive motor allowing it to feel more like a regular bike. It has dual batteries allowing you to ride extra far and deliver for longer! It is slightly more expensive then the max cargo because of the dual batteries and mid drive but for people who deliver all day for long periods of time it is totally worth it!


Motor: 500W

Battery: 48V 11.6Ah Lithium-ion

Speed: 20 mph

Range: 85+ miles

Weight: 72 lbs

Maximum weight capacity: 440 lbs

Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Tricycle

Emojo Caddy Pro

The Emojo Caddy Pro is a stable and heavy-duty electric trike with spacious cargo storage. It comes with a front basket that carries up to 19 lbs and a rear cargo with dimensions of 19" (wide) x 15" (deep) x 11" (tall). This one is not as great for city deliveries but is a great comfortable rde if you live in a suburban neighbourhood.


Motor: 500W

Battery: 48V 15.6Ah Lithium-ion

Speed: 20 mph

Range: 35 miles

Weight: 90 lbs

Maximum weight capacity: 330 lbs

5 Benefits of Delivery Electric Bikes


An electric bike is a cheaper delivery option than a van or a car. It requires no gas, insurance, or license fees and it requires less maintenance. A single battery charge costs about 5 cents and $21.17 per year in electricity costs in the US. You would spend that in less than a week with a car!

Money Tree

Faster deliveries and better service scores in cities

With an electric bike, the rider can move through busy streets using bike lanes, avoid traffic, take shortcuts, avoid parking lot limitations allowing you to park closer to your destination. It results in better delivery times and happier customers!

Convenience and flexibility

Depending on your delivery requirements, you can use the built-in storage on an electric bikes or customize it with cargo accessories. Electric bikes provide stable and comfortable riding for the riders. They can also transport packages, food with ease when you have the proper accessories.


Aside from getting the delivery faster to the customer, electric bikes have much fewer emissions than vans or cars. You are helping save our beautiful environment while riding an electric bike.

Enviromental Photo


Another clear benefit of an electric bike is that you are getting a workout in while you are riding! You can work while making yourself healthier! If you are too tired at times just use the throttle and the electric bike can give you a rest!

What Should You Look for in a Delivery Electric Bike?

We've listed the factors and features of electric delivery bikes to guide you in your selection.


The range is an essential factor when choosing an electric delivery bike. Your electric delivery bike should be able to cover the delivery location without needing a charge. For an 8-hour shift, you would need a mile range of 30+. Consider your possible farthest delivery location and select an electric bike with a slightly higher range.


You can measure the power of an electric delivery bike through its battery. The power level of an electric bike depends on its purpose. Check the watt-hour rating of the electric battery and select higher-rated battery options. If you are riding around lots of hills you will want to make sure you have a higher powered electric bike.


Your electric delivery bike should have the appropriate motor to deliver packages at a reasonable time. Better speed means more deliveries and better business.


Weight/payload Capacity

The weight or payload capacity is the maximum load that an electric bike can carry. Check the maximum weight of your delivery and select an electric bike that can support it. If you have a heavy load you will want to buy an electric bike with a higher weigh capacity.

Cargo Design

An electric bike can either be a front loader or a longtail. A front loader has a cargo basket/rack/ positioned in front of the bike. A longtail has a rear that is more elongated for hauling more cargo. Choose an electric bike based on what you plan to carry and the distance you need to cover. Another option is to have an electric tricycle which generally has a basket on the front and back. These are mainly recommended for residential areas though because they are not as easy to maneuver.


Buying an electric bike for the delivery business is an investment. This bike will literally pay for itself over time if you get one that will last! We offer financing (FINANCING) so that you don’t have to pay for it upfront and the investment will literally pay itself off without needing gas and vehicle repairs.


If you still are undecided which bike you want to go with give us a call and our staff can explain the benefits of each bike to you! We want to make sure you are happy with your investment, so we are always happy to help! Reach out today and start making some money!

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