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Top 5 Electric Bike Safety Tips

Top 5 Electric Bike Safety Tips

​​As electric bikes popularity has exploded, they are becoming a much more popular means of transportation. Not surprisingly as ebikes are sustainable, cost-saving, reliable, comfortable, and not to mention, they are extremely fun to ride! That being said, as they start to integrate more and more with cars riders need to understand that they can be a dangerous vehicle. Similar to a motorcycle you are traveling at high speeds without the protection of a car. When riding an electric bike, riders always need to remember that safety comes first. There are many different things you should be doing to stay safe on an electric bike, but we have compiled our top 5 electric bike safety tips.

1. Always wear a properly fitted helmet.

Safety starts with you. Wearing a helmet protects your head and can save your life if you happen to fall. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them, but it is always better to play it on the safe side. Nowadays they make helmets extremely comfortable and they barely even feel like you are wearing anything. The benefits drastically overweigh the costs and wearing a helmet is a no-brainer! Spend that extra little bit of money and be smart with your health!

Electric Bike Helmet

2. Use a light at night – See and make yourself seen

Bike lights are essential are essential if you are ever going to be riding at night. It is extremely important to make sure that you can see where you are riding to avoid hitting any obstacles. Lights are also really helpful for other people to see you. If they can see you from afar, they have time to get out of your way and you won’t be coming out of nowhere. It is best practice to make sure your electric bike has a front and rear light for maximum visibility. It also helps to use reflective stickers, tapes, or flashing lights for the best visibility.

3. Use a bell - Make some noise

Another extremely helpful safety tool is a bell. It is a great warning devices to let pedestrians and car drivers know that you are approaching or passing. Your voice works as well but most people are trained to understand that a bell means a bike is coming and to watch out. Sometimes yelling may not be loud enough and this is a great way to let people know where you are so that they can move out of the way.

Electric Bike Bell

4. Check your tires and brakes.

Before riding your electric bike, always make sure to check your tires and brakes. If your tires are low always make sure inflate your tires properly before each ride. To determine the proper tire pressure, check the side of the tire and make sure your tires are within that range using a pump with a pressure gauge. Properly inflated tires give you a better range, a better grip, and much more control. You can also avoid flat tires by keeping the air pressure at its proper pressure. Another thing you should be checking is the tire treads, if your tires look worn down and have no more tread make sure to get it replaced. The tread helps you keep traction and helps you keep control on the road. You also want to do a brake check as well before you pick up too much speed. You definitely don’t want to be going down a steep hill when you find out your brakes aren’t working.

5. Take the lane and always follow all traffic laws.

Ride on the right side of the road in the same direction as other vehicles. Always go with the traffic flow, not against it. This helps keep you safer and makes an possible accidents a lot less catastrophic. Also when all riders are going in the same direction it helps avoid any head on head collisions with another bike. Always make sure to check your local towns traffic laws before going out. Just like a car bikes need to follow most traffic laws such as stop signs and lights. It is always safer to check before you go instead of learning on the fly.

Electric Bike lane

We hope these safety tips will help you feel safer on the road. Electric bikes are a very useful and fun tool but should always be operate with safety as the top priority. If you have any other questions or concerns with your safety on electric bikes just reach out and we will be happy to talk to you about it. If you have any other tips that you think would be valuable to share with our readers make sure to share them in the comments!

Safe riding!

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