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Check Out The New Revi Cheetah Plus
Check Out The New Revi Cheetah Plus


Based on 33 reviews

I just received my Apex yesterday and after taking it for a long test drive across roads, off-road trails, and bike paths; am quite impressed. It's a best of all worlds ebike: full suspension, 4.25" fat tires, folding, w/ a 750W motor, sturdy rear rack, and a surprisingly light frame (easy to throw into the back of an SUV, especially if you take off the battery). That rear suspension and extra wide-springy seat really makes a difference on bumpy terrane.

I searched relentlessly and couldn't find this set of features from another manufacturer at a sub $2K price point.

Also worth noting, the frame itself is also quite attractive and unique, and relatively easy to step-through. I've owned many ebikes over the years, and this one has really hit the sweet spot of all the right features at a really solid value.

Plus the guys at Aero are really standup fellows, who truly care about their customer experience; and were very responsive to my questions during the purchase process.


Just got mine yesterday and it is so cool!

Cheetah Accessory Kit

received the rack, fenders and headlight grill accessory kit, am stoked to get the bike and saddlebags!!! arrived well packaged and in great condition.

Do it!

I've been eyeing this bike for about a year but never bought one due to the cost when you add in the accessories, shipping and tax. However, when I came across the deal that Outdoor Activity Shop had I decided to go for it. Seeing as I saved on the tax (9.5% where I live) and the rack, light guard, and saddle bags were included, I just could not say no.

Ok, on to the bike. It's pretty awesome. Seat is comfortable but I did need to adjust the seat pretty far forward to get a comfortable upright stance without feeling like my back was too hunched. It's good, but I might consider upgrading to the stem that allows the bars to come a little further back. The motor is powerful and after playing with it a bit I feel I've got a pretty good hang of how it works. However, it's not super intuitive and it's hard to get the bike to match the exact speed of someone you're biking with without carefully controlling the throttle. I'd say this is its biggest weakness but overall, I can live with it.

Other than that, obviously the reason I bought this thing is for it's looks. It is even more amazing in person and, like all the review videos I've watched online, I can confirm that people will stop you all the time to ask you about it. It's a huge head turned and conversation starter. Don't get this if you don't want to be the center of attention everywhere you go!!

Awesome bike overall and I'm so happy to call it mine after finding it for a very attractive price.

Happy in New York

Arrived in a week. Came with all the tools I needed to assemble it. Only took an hour. Surprised how well it is made and handles. Only set back is I'm not a very social or talkative guy, and being such a unique looking bike, all the compliments and questions I get can be awkward. The customer service is fantastic. 110 percent satisfaction.

The white wall Cheetah

I am just absolutely blown away, about this amazing Revi cheetah, I saved for a whole year to get this 💎 GEM! This is by far the best electric bike out hands down, so many people stopped me to ask questions I would strongly recommend this bike above any other bike, Revi Cheetah I'm so glad that you have a superior product, Love you guys Lloyd Lyles 😀!

Dylen rules

I love this bike i have a smile from ear 2 ear the bike was received in perfect condition and its a real head turner i have 70 miles on it with no problems i cant get off of it thank you guys

All smiles

Receive the bike about a week ago I charged it before riding it took four hours. Couple days later I went for a ride and I was all smiles I believe I was smiling the whole time it’s a very fun bike and very stylish I was surprised when the motor kicked , I only had it set on 1,and you can feel it. It is a big bike and I am at 5/10 with a very stiff body due to my spine so hopping on was a little difficult. I wish you could raise the handlebars two more inches I am going to have to check in on this to see if there’s anything on the market . Have not received my fenders and pouches do to back order which is no problem I can understand that, can’t wait for those to arrive so I can go on longer rides. Overall I’m very pleased, it is a blast riding it.

Great investment

Overall this was a great investment I bought this as an alternative means of transportation for in and around the city and it definitely is a great alternative even though the city I live in is on the mountain so there's a lot of hills to navigate but it still gets me there with pedal assist and for being a bigger guy (6'5" 270lbs) it still has some power for distance one downside but an easy fix upon arrival the headlight did not work but I have full confidence that the great customer service I have received so far will get it taken care of no need to take a star away it's still a five star bike and yes you will most definitely receive looks and complements everything you take It out

Another perfect fit

Purchased the Bikonit fenders for my MD1000. Super easy install. Rear worked great to keep the mud off my back/seat. Front worked, but it's a little too short to keep mud off. All up. I'd rate them 4.5.

Perfect fit

Purchased the Bikonit rear rack for my MD1000. Install took a whole 2 minutes. Worked perfect for hauling my turkey decoys.

86 years old and Love it!

I was a little nervous at 1st to get on the road with it but once I did, It gave me my independence back. It’s very easy to handle and operate. I can go basically anywhere now with no restrictions. Best investment I have made by far. I highly recommended this. Very happy:)

Versitile and looks

Bought this bike in February for trip cross country in my Rv I have used from everything from riding around state parks to running to grocery store it's been outstanding. Saddle bags come in handy.have another bike I never ride it now and it shows the quality of this bike especially fit and components constantly stopped by people on the street who are amazed that this is electric I regularly go several miles at full speed avg 27 miles per hour. Worth every penny

Great looking bike

I'll start with a review of Outdoor Activity Shop. Communication pre-purchase was super responsive. This is a lot of money to shell out for a bicycle and I had cold feet. Outdoor Activity Shop's price was less than the price directly from the manufacturer since it included the "Gift Pack". Shipping was incredibly fast. I'll be buying from them again. A person needs to be committed to put this thing together. It's a bear! I have been rebuilding engines, maintaining farming equipment, servicing complex woodworking equipment, etc. for most of my life. This project, while it only took a few hours, was not as easy one, though admittedly, I haven't had bicycle experience since I got my driver's license 35 years ago. The instruction manual from the manufacturer is poor. Intuition and experience dictated the build more than the poorly translated instructions and limited diagrams. At this price point, Revi needs to put some more effort into their manual. Some issues I had during assembly: The brackets to support the headlight were completely bent over and had to be straightened. It didn't appear to be from shipping damage. In any case, the paint was missing on the brackets; I had to use a spreader to open up the front forks enough to get the wheel on; You have to be a contortionist to get the fenders on. The job of installing the fenders could have been made easier had the included allen wrench had a slight crank in it. I tried to bend the allen wrench with torch heat, but it snapped, revealing cheap, void-filled metal. A couple pointers on fender assembly, the instruction manual calls the metal fender clips "spokes". That was a confusing translation error. I did not deflate the rear tire for installing the fender as the instructions indicated. I couldn't see how that would substantially improve the ease of installing it. It is hard whether the tire is inflated or not; After getting the fenders on, I assumed the rack would be a breeze. It was far from it. The rack was "racked" and wouldn't line up with the mounting holes. It took persuasion with a dead blow hammer to get it close enough in alignment to install. Even with that, I was unable to get the two front mounting bolts to fully seat because of how unaligned they were. At some point, I'm going to drill a bolt hole through the rack and frame and install a bolt with a nut vs. the current threads on the frame. I also wished there were instructions on using the bike's gears. No instruction about what peddle assist means (PAS) and how it works. I had to find out what that meant from internet searches, and I never found it on the Revi sight. Again. I have limited bike experience, so perhaps that's on me to a degree, but the manual is substandard; The correct sized allen wrench for adjusting the bike's seat camber is not included. It requires a larger one than the two included in the setup package. Fortunately, I have every tool known to man. Overall, fit (mostly fit) and finish could have been better. Some of the welds would not win any beauty contests, but they are robust. The finish on the faux leather parts is great. Spokes, kickstand, handlebars and seat are also good. There were instructions for using the display pad and I found it straightforward to figure out. Through trial and error, I got the hang of using all the bike's features. Despite some of the issues with assembly, it rides great! Stops fast. Plenty of power, in fact, more than I need. It looks badass! I love that the battery is hidden. Some people who've seen it think it really is an old bike and some don't recognize it is electric. Love the bike!

Two weeks since delivery

The Revi Cheetah is a blast. My dad had an Indian Scout motorcycle when he was in his late teens and the Cheetah is a modern version of the Scout with out the need for gas. I recently dove into the control system and set up my password which gives me added assurance that it’s not riding off without me. The other tweak was to set pedal assist to nine levels with the throttle active. I find in that mode you can find a sweet spot that resembles cruise control if you pedal modestly but is great if you want to give the electrons a rest and get a good workout. The throttle can be used at any point. Another plus is ‘down shifting to pedal assist level 1 when needed for safety when around pedestrians. Lastly this really a cool bike. Only negative is that it has a turning radius that rivals the Queen Mary!

A Very Stylish Machine

I found the assembly of the basic bike quite straightforward, but attaching the fenders was extremely fiddly. Altogether I am delighted with the result though, and I am very impressed with how stylish the design is. It is the most eye catching electric bike currently on the market.

Trilled to say the least!!!

Totally was stoked by even ordering this fine machinery. All anticipations were exceed upon riding.

New Revi Cheetah

Excellent! I first became aware of this bike about ten days ago and ordered it shortly thereafter. The bike and accessories arrived this morning and was assembled and ready to be charged up in about three hours. Assembly went well with the exception of the rear fender which requires letting the air out of the tire plus circus like contortion’s to get two bolts fastened. Only potential glitch is that the rear tire is not as true as I would like but I’m sure Dylan will make it right. First test ride in the morning. BTW Dylan rocks!

Great Experience

Shipping was on time,with no issues,accessories arrived 2 weeks later,as was told when order was placed,great communication with Dylan through out the process.I did some paint work,here is a pic finished.

New bike

My bike had shipping damage they shipped me the replacement parts I love the bike it works great I hope to have more time on it it

After 250 miles I'm still all smiles!

The Cheetah (I'll come back to the name) was delivered 1/15. Since and until now (2/18) I've ridden the bike every day except maybe 4 or 5 days. I had no idea how much fun this was going to be. I've had plenty of good bikes and motorcycles. Both are great fun. This is like a motorcycle you can turn onto sidewalks and foot paths. You can ride IN the parks. This is more like a motorcycle than I expected, but without the "hyper-alertness" you have to maintain riding a motorcycle. The battery life is phenomenal. I've got 250 miles in a bit more than a month and I don't believe I've charged this thing more than 5 or 6 times. And only once did I really get the battery below half. It can't be that good. Surely, I've screwed up counting the number of charges, right? I'm always pedaling and generally only in PAS 1 or 2. I'm grateful for the brake performance. I have discs on my mountain bike but they're not hydraulic. Can't imagine riding an e-bike with this kind of power with anything less than hydraulic actuated discs. The seat is the most comfortable I've ever had on a bike. It's not anywhere near as maneuverable as my mountain bike, but it's way more fun! Ok, here's a few things they could improve... Everything that goes on the handlebars arrives installed, you just put the handlebars on. The cabling is overly taut and I had to reroute a couple of cables. The right and left brakes are swapped on the bars. Yeah, trying to imitate the motorcycle setup with the front brake on the right grip, but it's confusing on a bicycle and not instinctive since the rear isn't on the foot like on a motorcycle. The rear brake lever on the left handlebar is mounted way too close to the end of the handlebar. I swapped locations between the brake and the controller and that eliminated the knuckle busting that was happening on rougher trails. The gears could really stand to be a bit taller. You really can't pedal fast enough to contribute once you get the bike rolling much over 15-16 mph. You're just pedaling to provide a cadence, no resistance. The customer service from Outdoor Activity Shop was second to none. Quick, informative and friendly responses to every email I sent them. Throwing in the add-ons for the same price as others are offering this and similar e-bikes made this a spectacular value too. All in all, it's a beautiful and well performing e-bike and I'm so damn glad I bought THIS bike from THIS outfit. Oh, and the name, "Cheetah." Today it struck me after a friend called me a cheater for riding an e-bike. Any chance the name was an intentional pun?

Emojo Pro

Love this bike! It’s solid, easy, wish I bought sooner. Customer service is awesome! Got back to me in minutes. (3rd box delivered day after 1st two)

Jupiter Defiant Electric Bike

Just got my bike and can't wait to ride it! It arrived days earlier than promised and was delivered right to my door by Fed Ex. Very, very pleasantly surprised. Bike set up instructions in the box were somewhat lacking but solved that by simply watching the video on U-Tube. Got the smaller Discovery for my girlfriend, so lots of trips to bike-friendly locates are in store. Thanks

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