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POP Up Floating Dock

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The inflatable Pop Up Dock also known as “the party barge” is the perfect way to enjoy the summer. This is a multipurpose platform that can be used to relax or party on! This product is designed with the same technology utilized in POPs award-winning paddle boards. This can be the perfect central hub for a party in the water. Our inflatable Pop Up dock offers a fun place for activity for the whole family!

Included for free: Dual action pump, PSI gauge and carrying strap

The Pop Up Dock is 8′ x 7′ x 8″, weighs 49lbs flattened and hold up to 1,500 lbs.

Dock Features:

  • AIR RIDE Construction: Made with the highest strength of drop-stitch fibers, with a double-layer, double-wall construction, this inflatable dock is the most rigid and durable available today.
  • Sea Teak Traction: EVA traction and angled faux wood planks help channel the water of the deck pad and provide a very comfortable grip no matter where you lay or stand.
  • 7 PSI: Our docks and planks are best when pumped between 5 and 7 PSI to provide a stiff surface for relaxation or any level of horseplay.
  • Party Mode: Once you’re done relaxing, turn the dock or plank over for a slip-in-slide or turn it into Party Mode by playing your favorite game!

Throw it behind the boat, float a river, anchor it at the shore, use it to keep your social distance between boats on the water! I mean seriously you can do anything! It is super durable so you don't have to worry.